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R.S. Hughes provides tapes for your building or manufacturing needs. Tapes are adhesives used in a wide range of applications including bonding, mounting, masking, sealing, insulating, marking, and color-coding. While some tapes are water or heat-activated, the majority of tapes are pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA) that form a bond with light pressure. Tapes are available as single or double-sided and are either permanent or removable. Some high-strength tapes may have a release liner on the adhesive side that is removed before application. Common tape backings include fabric, metal foil, foam, paper, and a variety of plastics. Double-sided tape with a foam core is used for mounting. Glass cloth is ideal for high-heat applications. Copper tape is a good conductor in electrical applications. Typical adhesive materials used in tapes are rubber, acrylic, and silicone. Silicone adhesives have the highest temperature resistance and make ideal aerospace and foil tapes. Rubber adhesives work better in moderate temperatures, while acrylic adhesives have greater temperature resistance and are common in conductive tapes and masking tapes.


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