Ted Pella, Inc. respects the privacy of our customers. We are committed to building customer trust by demonstrating this respect in every aspect of serving our customers. The pledge below summarizes our promise to you.

As also required by California law, this policy is a disclosure of the "personally identifiable information" that can be gathered about consumers who visit this website.

No personally identifiable information is gathered from consumers who do not place an order on this site with the exception of when a consumer requests information or a quote. Domain registration, IP address, computer type and browser type is captured and is not considered personally identifiable information. This information is aggregated and used internally for statistical analysis of visitor activity and usage trends. This information may also be used-at the visitor's request-to provide technical support. When requesting information or a quote, personally identifiable information is collected in order to send the requested information back to the consumer.

When a consumer elects to set up a Customer Profile for themselves, personally identifiable information is collected for the purpose of being used later in placing an order. This includes name, address, email address, customer number and phone number information that is typically requested when placing an order by other methods. This information is collected via a form protected by the internet security standard Secure Socket Layer ("SSL") protocol. Credit card numbers are not collected at that point and are not stored online for web access at any time; social security numbers are never collected. The collected information is protected by an ID and password chosen by the consumer, with certain minimum security constraints enforced. If a consumer wishes to change or remove the personally identifiable information that they set up, they merely have to log in and change all relevant fields. If they wish to delete the Profile entirely, a call may be placed to the company to request that be done.

When placing an order, personally identifiable information is gathered. If the consumer has a pre-existing Customer Profile and logs in using that, the personally identifiable information in the Profile is used along with any changes made by the consumer. If the consumer does not have a Customer Profile, personally identifiable information is gathered at the time of order placement as already described above. It is not kept on the web, but only used for the purpose of processing the order. A cookie is also used during the order process which may contain personally identifiable information. It is deleted at the completion of order, or when the consumer leaves the web site. The consumer can turn their cookie functionality off, but that would prevent an online order from being placed.

Personally identifiable information submitted for the purpose of placing an order, requesting information or a quote is held in strictest confidence. It may be used later for our own company mailings but is never shared, sold, rented or otherwise revealed to any third party. Personally identifiable information may be removed from the mailing list by sending an email requesting removal or calling the company to make such a request. The only exception would be when ordered to do so by a US court of law.

Credit card transactions are not processed online. Credit card information is never shared with any third party. Credit card numbers are only collected online as part of a credit card sale. SSL protocol is used with the order form containing the credit card, and this information is sent back to the company in an industry-standard digitally-encrypted format. Credit card information is used only for the order for which the consumer authorizes its use.

At no time do we disclose personally identifiable information to third parties except to transmit credit card information to merchant services via standard telephone line transmission (not over the internet) for authorization and payment processing for credit card orders placed by consumers.

Although no systems or safeguards can be guaranteed as foolproof, precautions and security measures have been taken with security equipment, software and procedures to safeguard our database information.

We reserve the right to change this policy at any time. Visitors can determine when the privacy policy has been changed by checking the date associated with the policy.